Morning light in a church in Bangalore, India

Sony Pix Promo

This is a wonderful promo of Sony Pix Channel I worked on, as an animator and Compositor at Famous House of Animation, Mumbai, India.

Short Film-Chaaya trailer

An old man trapped in a mundane senior center living by the memory of his beloved wife as his own shadow. But as his past sets in threatening his present, Prakash finds himself before a difficult decision: a mesmerizing but, unreal dream or life itself?

Short Film-Pratibimb

A Tale of a person reflecting on faith and ritual at the same time during a religious festival – Ganesh Chaturthi , in India.

Short Film-The mango boy

A story of a kid whose only objective in life was to taste the sweet single mango hanging in his thorn filled backyard.

Short Film-Sugarflower

Murgan, a middle aged man encounters a woman in the bar, and tries his chances to woo her. But he does not know what lies ahead that will change his approach to women forever.